Sunday, August 24, 2008

Injuries in 3's

It started simply but sadly enough. We had some friends come by to visit for a bit, and Gavin took a toy to the face. Another little boy threw a nerf gun, and it hit him right in the face. We made a quick trip to the urgent care, and came away with 3 stiches. Sadly, one of the stiches had already come out first thing the next morning.
Next, it was Ethan's turn. Hardly a week later, Ethan, Gavin and Marissa were playing happily upstairs, when Ethan tripped, and landed headfirst on the corner of the window sill. Matt was in the shower, and I had just walked in the door with a babysitter for the night, when the screaming commenced. It took me a second to figure out who was hurt, because Gavin was screaming worse than Ethan was. But, as soon as I saw Ethan, I started screaming too. He looked like a horror movie. He was covered in blood. Once again Matt and I ran to the Urgent Care, and left the babysitter to clean up the blood on the carpet.

They decided not to do stiches, they used glue instead, which I was grateful for, because I didn't think either of us could handle any more trauma that day.
They say accidents come in 3, and we are hoping that we are finished now. We went to Aunt Julee's house for Shayden's baptism, and Gavin was playing outside, and managed to drop a large paving stone on his foot. He lost his toe nail about a week later. Ewww.

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