Sunday, August 24, 2008

Houston, We have a problem!

The kids and I got to tag along on Matt's business trip to Houston this month, and we went to the Nasa Space Center. We had so much fun. The kids loved it.

Ethan found a Star Wars exhibit and he was in heaven.
We also went to the Children's Museum in Houston. It was so much fun.


Kristi said...

You've been busy blogging and I've been out of the loop! Those accidents are nasty-poor boys. Nice toenail shot-I threw up a little in my mouth:)
I'm so jealous of your book party. That's when I miss you. I was stuck in Vernal with nobody that cared when it came out (by the way we still haven't discussed it).
Houston looked like a lot of fun. I need a life!:) (oh and what do I owe for the flowers?)

Kristy said...

Looks like a terrific place to visit! Very fun pictures.