Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Tooth Fairy should be fired.

The Tooth Fairy really stinks at her job. At least she does at our house. Marissa lost another tooth (I have lost count as to how she has lost now) on Friday night. Marissa is aware that our Tooth Fairy doesn't work on week-ends, but here it is Wednesday on the next week, and the tooth fairy finally decided to grace us with her presence, and still managed to screw things up. Marissa finally came to me late last night and asked me for the perfume she could spray to let the Tooth Fairy know that she had lost a tooth. (You see, our Tooth Fairy also manages to get sick, and with a cold, she can not smell when there is a tooth waiting for her. So, Mom, being the genius that I am realized that we just needed to spray some perfume on Marissa's pillow and in her room right before bed, so the Tooth Fairy would know there was a tooth there. ) This was my clue that we had a problem. Marissa had been putting her tooth under her pillow every night since Friday, and still no response. Well, last night I was going to correct that. The Tooth Fairy called on her (sometimes) trusty helper Matt to put the dollar under the pillow last night. Well, he did do that. And only that. Marissa came to me this morning and asked if I put a dollar under her pillow. I said "No, it must have been the Tooth Fairy" She said, "Well that's weird, because she didn't take the tooth. It's still there!"

Thanks Tooth Fairy! Next time, get a better helper!