Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Just a few family pictures. Aren't they all beautiful!?

We went to a Bees Baseball game with our friends the Williams'. I don't know that we watched very much, but we talked a lot, and had a great time. It was fun to see Marissa and Whitney reconnect so well after being away for this long. They even got to have a sleep-over a couple of nights later.

Elizabeth and the kids and I decided that we wanted to take the train to Rachel's house to spend the day. The kids loved it, and it all worked out so smoothly, until it was time to come home. We missed the train we needed by 10 minutes, and so when it came time to transfer lines, we had an hour to wait.... We finally got onto our train, and made it all the way back to Clearfield, and then we couldn't get the door on the train open to actually get off! The kids started crying when they realized we couldn't get out. Liz and I had had it by then, and we had to go to the next stop, hop off, get on the next train going back the other direction, and get off there. We finally did, and as we were walking to the car, Gavin fell and bloodied his knee quite badly. At that point what would have been a 45 minute drive home from my sister's house turned into a 2 1/2 hour ordeal, with an injury to boot! Believe it or not, I am still a fan of public transportation, just not with 6 kids in tow!

This was on the 4th of July at the park in Layton. The kids were so amazed by all of the ducks.

Cutest kids around!

Jordan after Rachel and I finished sewing in all of her extensions.

We went to the Dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point. The kids loved it.

Sienna is getting so big, and cute as ever!

Fouth of July in Utah

The kids got to run in a 1K race by Aunt Rachels house. They had so much fun. Gavin actually finished in 2nd place in the 3-5 year old category. He was flat out running the whole time!

Mean while, Ethan chose to walk about a third of the race, and took a "Brian Regan" stand on it..."I still get a whole popsicle, even if I only run part of the race, I still get a whole popsicle!"

I got to experience the joy of hair extentions! Who would have thought that I would get to sew in braids? I am sure that most professionals would have been appalled, but Rachel and I thought we did pretty well!

Ruth attempting to make fondant for the first time ever. It didn't quite work the way I had planned, but it was fun!
The kids had so much fun swimming at Aunt Rachel's house. The view there is amazing!
Playing with cousins: Isabelle and Gabe. Ethan didn't want to get wet, so he and baby Greyson stayed behind the camera with me.