Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fouth of July in Utah

The kids got to run in a 1K race by Aunt Rachels house. They had so much fun. Gavin actually finished in 2nd place in the 3-5 year old category. He was flat out running the whole time!

Mean while, Ethan chose to walk about a third of the race, and took a "Brian Regan" stand on it..."I still get a whole popsicle, even if I only run part of the race, I still get a whole popsicle!"

I got to experience the joy of hair extentions! Who would have thought that I would get to sew in braids? I am sure that most professionals would have been appalled, but Rachel and I thought we did pretty well!

Ruth attempting to make fondant for the first time ever. It didn't quite work the way I had planned, but it was fun!
The kids had so much fun swimming at Aunt Rachel's house. The view there is amazing!
Playing with cousins: Isabelle and Gabe. Ethan didn't want to get wet, so he and baby Greyson stayed behind the camera with me.

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