Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Our (Part) Evil kids for Halloween

Halloween at the cabin in OK! Gavin was Indiana Jones this year with a whip that played the Indiana Jones theme song over and over and over again... that song never gets old, duh duh duh duh, duh duh duh...

Ethan also wanted to be Indiana Jones, until Gavin saw it and wanted to be the same as Ethan, so Ethan graciously agreed to be a knight, because he got a cool sword!

Marissa, is a Medevil Princess, although when she was asked by my girlfriend what she was, she replied "I'm and Evil Princess" My girlfriend looked a little perplexed, and said, "Oh, You mean Medevil Princess" to which Marissa said "Yeah, I guess". My girfriend then asked her if she knew what Medevil meant, and Marissa said "Yeah, Kind-of good, kind-of bad." And then turned and walked away. So yes, here is my "Mid-Evil Princess" Marissa, kind-of good, kind-of bad... but all cute!

Little Boy Humor isn't funny to Mom's

At what point does the gross kid in school stop being funny? Seriously? When do we all collectively realize that what they are doing is gross, and that we should stop laughing and encouraging them? Yesterday, Marissa, Ethan and Karoline (a neighbor) came in from playing outside. They were all giggling. When I asked what was so funny, they all broke down laughing and told me Gavin had just peed and pooped outside in the yard. Well, apparently ages 4,5,7, and 10 years old still find this kind of thing quite humorous; unfortunatley, their Mother does not!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Camping with the Brann Family

Our first official "Brann Family Reunion". Hopefully not our last; although, there is one thing we could do without next time... What we are calling "Puke Fest 08" Which consisted of 5 of the 9 grandkids throwing up multiple times in a ridiculously short amount of time.

The weather was so perfect for us. Who knew Oklahoma was so great in November? The kids all enjoyed fishing, canoe rides, and even a little swimming!

Thank heavens we had a bucket in the car. Sadly this was the second time in the car for little Gavin, and the first time we didn't have the bucket!

Blaine's real "whopper"!