Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Run-Down

So I told you all upfront that I am terrible about the blog thing. I am going to attempt to briefly update the last 4 months? We'll see how this goes. Christmas was in Utah this year, and I think I took 2 pictures of the whole trip, and I can't even find those! The kids did ski school, as did I, although they did much better than I did. I attempted snowboarding and quickly learned that I am an old dog, and this is a new trick. It didn't go well.

Marissa got baptized! She looked so beautiful in her dress that Aunt Rachel made! Thanks Ray!

Once again Gavin got hurt. This was actually the same day as the ice storm, and he slipped on the ice and hit the side of his eye. It puffed right up, and then the next morning it had all drained into his eye, and it turned into a nice shiner for about a week!

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Impatient said...

Ruth Ann:

My name is Bruce Hansen; I'm a former missionary from Uruguay. I've been given a task to find contact information for 25 people who served under Joseph Kay Brooks, and Julee Brann is one of my names. So I googled it and your blog came up. I'm guessing she's your sister-in-law or something.

Anyway, if this is the case, then please email me at bruhansen at and let me know how I can get ahold of her. If you would like me to provide additional proofs that I'm looking for the contact info for legit purposes then that's perfectly understandable too, and I'll be happy to provide whatever you need. Thanks for your help.

Bruce Hansen
Pleasant Grove, UT