Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Iced-in and no school

So I am terrible at the whole blog thing. I knew I would be, and yet, just like me, I caved into the peer pressure, and here it is. So I have missed all of Thanksgiving, and Christmas, with pictures, although I am still hoping to get some up at some point.

Last night in Dallas we had freezing rain, so they canceled school today. What am I going to do? I am debating between making them all help me clean the house, which needs to be done, and being the nice mom, and reading books, and playing board games all day. Currently I am in bed, blogging. That doesn't bode well for the cleaning idea. We will see...

Marissa is in the GT program at school (gifted and talented) and she is currently studying Ancient Egypt. She is working on a report, and our assignment at home is to create a poster, or diorama of some sort to go along with the report. Soooo, she has chosen a cat. Heaven help me. I don't have a clue what to do with this. She said that Ancient Egyptians used to view cats as Gods, and this I understand, but what am I supposed to do other that put a picture of a cat on a poster board? She told me that they used to put earrings on their cats, so she wants to do that. Okay, and what else? Help! I asked her what the other kids in her class were doing. She said one kid is doing his on pyramids (great for a diorama), another is doing tombs, (again, easy) So I am left to wonder what to do with an Ancient Egyptian cat.

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Emily R said...

i was so glad for an ice day...
stayed in pjs all day!
how are you??
i have no thoughts on marissa's project... sorry. i am no help